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Step 1: Know Your Sports

We link each cytochrome to a professional sports team. Instead of remembering cytochromes A, B, etc., simply refer to Table 1. You do not need to be a sports fan to do this!
Even if you feel like you know nothing about sports, it's much more likely you'll learn simple sports facts than the intricacies of the cytochrome system.

Table 1
Cytochrome Sport Team Comment
A Baseball NY Yankees Baseball is the national pastime. Love them/hate them; the NY Yankees are the premier franchise in Major League Baseball.
B Basketball LA Lakers 'B' stands for basketball, and the LA Lakers have the largest net worth of any NBA franchise.
D and C Football Dallas Cowboys With all due respect to Redskins' fans, in the NFL, "D.C" stands for Dallas Cowboys.
E NASCAR Team Earnhardt Can "E" in NASCAR stand for anyone else?

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